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DOC Kaas U.A. is a traditional Dutch dairy cooperative, founded in 1895. Although our origins are in Drenthe, dairy farmers from across the Netherlands and parts of Germany now supply their milk to our cooperative. All top quality milk that has often been produced for generations – and that’s something we’re really proud of!


André van Vliet, DOC Kaas cooperative member dairy farmer

André van Vliet runs a dairy and arable farm in Zeewolde together with his wife Willeke and sons Sjoerd and Coen. They used to run a dairy farm in Almere but that was needed to make space for urbanisation. The Van Vliet family keeps 120 dairy cows and 70 young livestock. They also grow sugar beet, winter wheat, maize and grass, and part of the land is rented out to a tulip grower.


Meet the Blokland-Dasselaar family from Albergen, member dairy farmer of DOC Kaas.

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DOC Kaas cooperative has a long and rich history. Our origins date as far back as 22 November 1895 when the Coöperatieve Stoomzuivelfabriek was established in Hoogeveen. Shortly afterwards, on 6 January 1896, milk transporters brought the first 1,100 litres of milk from 108 cattle farmers to the then brand-new dairy factory in Hoogeveen, where they made butter and buttermilk. Almost everything changed in the period that followed, apart from the colour of the milk.