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Dairy products

Dairy products

We make the very best from milk.

Whether sweet or savoury, as a dessert or dairy spread, fresh or long-life – dairy products are part of a varied and modern diet. And our product range is as diverse as dairy products, varying from classics including milk, yoghurt, fresh cream cheese and butter to trendy products, including Skyr and protein products.


After all, our consumers are always seeking innovations and variation. More protein or even more indulgence – or preferably both? We are constantly adapting our products to these changing requirements ensuring that we always get the best from our milk.


We also work hard for catering industry professionals. They set special and high requirements for our products. Reliability, convenience and versatility – chefs and bakers take this for granted. Our MILRAM Food-Service is market leader, knows exactly what our customers need and develops attractive concepts that are in line with the latest trends and are well received by our customers’ guests.