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Our cooperative

From, for and by the members!

DOC Kaas U.A. is a Dutch dairy cooperative founded in 1895. Our origin lies in Drenthe and Overijssel, but dairy farmers from all over the Netherlands and partly from Germany now supply their milk to our cooperative. First-class milk, often for generations – and we are proud of that!


Since 2016, together with cooperative Deutsches Milchkontor eG, we have owned the German dairy company DMK GmbH. This company is responsible for collecting and processing the milk from all member dairy farmers in the Netherlands and Germany. It produces a wide range of delicious and high-quality dairy products such as cheese, milk powders, baby food and ice cream that are consumed worldwide.


Yet we are still that small-scale cooperative with an eye for the human scale, where members have a name and are heard. And we will remain so!

Our cooperative

Guus Mensink

‘Stronger together, ensuring ongoing sales improvements and better income for our members. Our cooperative is founded on this. It’s an open organisation where members can have their say and get involved in discussions on policy and management. We focus on the long term and on continuity, as that’s important for the generations that come after us. We’re connected by our passion for our work – supplying top quality milk that provides the source for dairy products consumed throughout the world. It’s a great profession – there’s simply nothing like it!’


Guus Mensink, Chairman of the Board of the DOC Kaas cooperative