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About DMK Group

The DMK Group 

The milk from our members is collected every three days by the RMO (Milk truck) and taken to one of the 20 or so production locations of the DMK Group dairy company. For example in Hoogeveen or the German town of Edewecht. There, the milk is then processed – or rather refined – into delicious dairy products. Such as cheese, baby food and ice cream, which are sold and consumed worldwide.


The member dairy farmers are paid a milk price which depends, on the one hand, on the price of dairy products on the international dairy market and, on the other hand, on the results achieved by the DMK Group. After all, since April 2016, cooperative DOC Kaas together with cooperative Deutsches Milchkontor eG have been co-owners of DMK GmbH.


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DMK Group

Passion & knowledge of the market

“At DMK we always get the best out of our milk. This is how we have become one of the largest dairy groups in Europe and are regarded as one of the most important partners for the retail, processing and food service sectors.”


We use our passion, our market knowledge and our long experience to process some 6 billion kilos of milk each year and turn it into dairy products of the highest quality – for our own brands, but also for the private labels and products of our business partners.

DMK Group

First choice, for a lifetime

The DMK Group has around 7,800 employees at more than 20 locations in Germany, the Netherlands and other international hubs. Our product portfolio is broad: from cheese, daily fresh dairy products and ingredients to baby food, ice cream and whey products. Brands like MILRAM, Oldenburger, Uniekaas, Alete and Humana are highly appreciated by consumers in Germany and abroad.

That’s why our mission statement is First choice – for a lifetime‘.


We are one of the largest suppliers to German supermarket chains and have a turnover of EUR 5.6 billion. This makes us one of the leading companies in the European dairy industry.