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The milk price

Milk price

Our dairy farmers are independent entrepreneurs and depend on their dairy farms for their income. They supply all their milk to the cooperative, receiving a milk price in return that is set prior to each month. As a cooperative, we aim to offer our members the highest possible milk price, so that they can also keep investing in their dairy farms, which they often hand down from generation to generation.


The milk price we offer differs per dairy farmer and depends on such things as the fat and protein content of their supplied milk and on the surcharges the cooperative pays out. For instance, there are milk flows with special properties, such as meadow milk. Dairy farmers who supply this milk receive a surcharge.


DOC Kaas offers four different surcharges:

  • Quantum surcharge (up to €1.45/100kg milk)
  • The sustainability surcharge (up to €0.50/100kg milk)
  • The meadow access or partial meadow access surcharge (up to €1.75/100kg milk)
  • The GMO-free surcharge (€1.00/100kg milk).