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Our unique


Our unique structure

Our cooperative structure means that members have a say in important decisions, such as appointments or changes to the conditions for the supply or quality of milk. This is a stepped participation structure consisting of the members, the member council and the board.

The members

The member dairy farmers are co-owners of DMK GmbH through the cooperative. The milk production area of the DOC Kaas cooperative is divided into eight districts, one of which is in Germany. Twice a year, in spring and autumn, regional meetings are held which all members can attend. During these meetings, the members are updated and heard and they elect member dairy farmers from their ranks who represent them in the members’ council.


The Members’ Council

The Members’ Council of DOC Kaas consists of 15 member dairy farmers who represent their district. They are elected by the members and appointed by the members during the district meeting. The Members’ Council establishes the annual figures of the cooperative and approves (amendments to) the Articles of Association and the Internal Regulations. In addition, the members council is an important sounding board for the board. The number of members of the members council within a district is determined by the volume of milk supplied to the cooperative by the members of the district in the last financial year.

The Board

The Board of DOC Kaas consists of five member dairy farmers and manages the cooperative on a daily basis. The five board members manage the cooperative, determine the course and take (financial) decisions in consultation with the members’ council. Board members are nominated by the Board and appointed by the Members’ Council.

The youth committee

Dairy farming is a sector par excellence where businesses are passed on from generation to generation. The young people of today are the member dairy farmers of the future and therefore of great importance for the continuity of the cooperative.

The youth committee of DOC Kaas consists of 8 young member dairy farmers. This committee has no formal authority within the co-operative – its purpose is to strengthen the contact between the co-operative and young people. By devising and organising activities for the young people of DOC Kaas, the members of the youth committee gain the necessary knowledge and (managerial) experience. They also get opportunities to develop themselves further by, for example, training courses.

Our unique structure

Cecile Fokkert: “Today’s youth are the members of the future.”

Objectives of the cooperative DOC Kaas U.A.

The Netherlands has a long history of cooperatives. It is a model which has proven itself: stronger together for better sales and a better income. And the focus is on the long term.

A competitive, stable milk price for the member dairy farmers

Continuity for both the member dairy farmers and the cooperative

Purchase guarantee for member dairy farmers