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Our dairy farmers

DOC Kaas: From, for and by members!

Our member dairy farmers are entrepreneurs who depend on their dairy farms for their income. They supply top quality milk each and every day. And since that’s no easy task, it’s something we’re really proud of! It starts with a love of the trade and craftsmanship.


No two dairy farms are the same. Even among DOC Kaas members there can be huge differences between them depending on a variety of factors. Many of our member dairy farmers have often had a family farm for generations as dairy farming sector farms are generally handed down from parent to child.


Some dairy farmers have a second source of income as a hobby or for extra income, such as arable farming, recreation, a dog kennel or child care. But in all cases, what comes first is the care for the dairy farm and the herd.

Our dairy farmers Our dairy farmers

The cows are milked every day, with the milk being stored in cooling tanks. Every three days an RMO (Regional Milk Collection) collects the milk and takes this to one of the DMK Group dairy factories, including the two Hoogeveen production locations.


The DOC Kaas cooperative is co-owner of DMK GmbH , a German dairy company that uses the milk to produce delicious dairy products, including cheese. For Uniekaas for example, the oldest cheese brand in the Netherlands. These are cheeses made with love, and with no unnecessary additives and E numbers. And that’s something you can taste.


Our milk is also used to make delicious desserts. Or ice cream, or baby food. And these are enjoyed all over the world.

First-class milk – every day!

Consumers have the right to expect dairy products that are safe and of good quality. That starts with the milk our dairy farmers supply – which is of impeccable quality. Learn more about how Dutch dairy is checked in this video.

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