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For every stage of life, for every day and for extra enjoyment

Our raw material is first-class milk – and its vegetable alternatives. We concentrate and extract it. And enhance their strength. We turn them into perfect ingredients.


We offer our customers from the food industry products from the milk, whey and vegetable sectors. Together, we develop the perfect solution for every application. In doing so, we keep a constant eye on the market: by observing trends and developments early, we actively shape the markets and bring milk and its vegetable alternatives into the future.


That´s whey better

Whey is a by-product of cheese production and therefore wheyco produces whey derivatives, whey proteins, lactose and permeates. These are valuable in many ways to the food industry and are used, for example, in sports, dietary and senior nutrition, but also in bakery products, chocolate and animal feed. It ensures aroma, taste, texture, crispness, smoothness, juiciness and better browning results. But it also keeps the ingredients list free from unwanted, artificial ingredients.

DP Supply 

Daily non-dairy

DP Supply specialises in the production of vegetable ingredients for the food industry. With our complete range of mostly vegan fat emulsions, we supply ingredients for all kinds of applications. For example, bakery products, soups, sauces and snacks, but also whipping emulsifiers for desserts or foamers for cappuccino. The majority of our products are vegan and free from allergens.