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ANUGA: DMK Group presents innovations

Vegan Products

Bremen, 11 october 2021.

MK Group has anchored strategic growth areas in its “Vision 2030” presented in 2019. Now, Germany’s largest dairy cooperative is providing a glimpse of a new business segment at this year’s ANUGA and presenting concepts of vegan products for industry and gastronomy.


ANUGA gives an outlook on the future

After many industry meetings had to be cancelled last year due to the pandemic, the DMK Group is now showing its new products to a live audience again at this year’s ANUGA. This year in Cologne, the Industry Business Unit – the B2B business segment – will be focusing in particular on the cheese product group. With an expanded product portfolio, the focus will be on innovative applications for the processing industry. Accompanied by one of Germany’s leading culinary consultants, Heiko Antoniewicz, the BU Brand with its MILRAM, MILRAM Food-Service and Uniekaas brands will be presenting new products for the food retail trade and innovative concepts with cheese, yoghurt, desserts and milk drinks for professional users. For international markets, DMK presents Oldenburger and Oldenburger Professional, as well as Rose and the Russian brand Larets.


DMK Group enters new business segment

In keeping with the ANUGA motto “Taste the future!”, DMK is presenting its entry into the area of plant-based alternatives at the world’s largest food & beverage trade fair, which will continuously expand the product range in the coming year. The DMK Group will be demonstrating what this will look like in practice at its trade fair presentation. Among other things, the company is presenting the first vegan cheeses produced in-house for the processing industry – the market launch is planned for spring 2022. The focus during development was on one aspect in particular: to develop a product that performs significantly better than the current market standard when it comes to further processing. To achieve this, the main focus was on the melting and browning behaviour so that it has the same characteristics as a conventional cheese on products such as pizzas, casseroles, but also as a filling for vegan meat alternatives, for example. This is a path that the DMK Group is also pursuing in other product groups with new plant-based products. This is demonstrated at ANUGA by MILRAM Food-Service, for example, which is expanding its catering range to include desserts based on oats and rice, thus addressing an important consumer wish. The high demand for products based on oats is’nt yet adequately being met in desserts. Combined with short, understandable ingredient lists and a natural taste without flavour enhancers, the new products are intended to provide a breath of fresh air in their category. The market launch is scheduled for the first quarter of 2022. Oldenburger Professional shows its new foodservice-specific packaging design and introduces the new ready-to-use dessert range with the varieties Panna Cotta and Crème Brûlée as well as an oat-based Barista Drink.


“Plant-based alternatives have arrived in the mainstream and stand for enjoyment and variety, in taste, especially among the young target groups. With protein demand increasing worldwide and changes in society taking place at the same time, the demand for alternatives will increase even more in the future. As a forward-looking dairy cooperative, we must not close our minds to this trend, in any of our business areas,” explains CEO Ingo Müller. “Our core product is and remains cow’s milk from the farms of our cooperative farms. Moreover, we are convinced that no other food can ensure such a high level of diversity and balanced nutrition as milk. At the same time, however, we see that a coexistence of dairy and non-dairy products can work well and hold dynamic growth opportunities.”  As one of the largest dairy co-operatives, the company is starting from an ideal position. It knows what its products should taste like and has been proving that for decades. “We can also use our in-depth know-how for plant-based products,” says Müller.

ANUGA: DMK Group presents innovations