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Cabinet’s nitrogen plans disastrous and impracticable

Hoogeveen, June 20, 2022

The plans to reduce nitrogen presented by the cabinet on 10 June are disastrous and impracticable. They undermine the future of a dynamic, strong industry which is extremely valuable to the Netherlands and will have disastrous consequences for many individual dairy farmers and for the food supply in general. A clearing of the countryside is looming.


Two years ago, as part of the Coalition for Future-Focused Dairy Farming (CTM), the dairy industry made concrete proposals to reduce nitrogen by nearly 30 percent. So far, the cabinet has done nothing with them. It is absurd that the government is ignoring these plans. With the implementation of cabinet policy now shifting to the provinces, DOC Kaas cooperative is asking provincial administrators to incorporate the sector’s proposals in the area-based approach and to join forces to implement them. We are also calling on the House of Representatives to include the sector’s plans in the implementation of the cabinet plan National Programme Rural Area (NPLG). The aim is to offer prospects to our fantastic industry and the entire dairy chain!


The history of our cooperative goes back to 1895. In the period that followed, nearly everything has changed, apart from the colour of the milk. In the dairy farming sector, farms are generally handed down from generation to generation. Generations characterised by craftsmanship, entrepreneurship and passion for the profession, and which have made the Dutch dairy sector one of the most sustainable and innovative in the world. Let’s nurture that and achieve a realistic approach together.


As DOC Kaas cooperative, we are proud of our dairy farmer members and stand by them!